Travel Montage '14 - '15

In 2014, I came to the sudden realization that my life and decisions were completely motivated and perpetuated by fear. After much wrestling, I decided to take a leap of faith; I packed my bags, and left the country.

My goals were simple: find god, find myself, and do everything that I'm afraid of. I made life-long friends in Turkey, slept in strangers homes, jumped off cliffs, hiked in jungles, crapped in holes, slept in bamboo huts, got bit by hundreds of mosquitos, hitch-hiked in the desert, crashed on a scooter, and took bucket showers. Don't talk to me about food poisoning.

I've discovered the secret of life, and found that it's this thing called time. I found that as we scurry and fear for our securities, whether it be financial or emotional, we lose our ability to take ownership of our own life.

I learned to not forsake my youth, and that the best stories have a whole lot of bad, and a whole lot of redemption.

Here's a year of life-defining, nostalgic memories, packed into 15-seconds.

I look back and I laugh at the illnesses, laugh at the puking, and laugh at the fact that I may have almost died once or twice. These things gave me a story and an experience. But most importantly, it reminded me of my humanity.